When talent meets opportunity, production is expected. For Melky Cabrera, leaving New York was the best thing that could have happened to his career.

Last night, Melky Cabrera appeared in his first All-Star Game, crushed a home run, and took home MVP Honors as the National League beat the American League, 9-0. Often criticized for lack of focus in New York, Melky has turned in two straight seasons of great production. As a member of the Royals last season, the Melk Man collected 201 hits. However, the Royals flipped Melky to the Giants in the off-season and his career has reached new heights. Through 83 games, Melky has 119 hits and is second in the National League with a .353 batting average. No one is questioning his lack of focus now.

Melky was always an excellent fourth outfielder for the Yankees, but given Brett Gardner’s emergence, the Yankees didn’t need him anymore and traded him to Atlanta. Melky and Robinson Cano were (and probably still are) great friends, but breaking up this friendship was the best thing for both parties. It is evident that both players have a renewed sense of determination and as a baseball fan, I couldn’t be happier for Melky. Some Yankee fans want to kill Brian Cashman for trading Melky away, but hindsight is 20/20. Realize that the Yankees wanted to add a faster, better defensive presence in left field and Melky just wasn’t part of the team’s big picture.

Yankee fans–stop the blame game and just respect and acknowledge Melky’s arrival in baseball. He makes the games more entertaining for fans across the globe.