Yesterday, Deron Williams announced (via Twitter) that he would re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets were able to offer more years (five) and dollars ($98 million) than the Dallas Mavericks were able to. Williams has been practicing at the Net facilities and has been extremely pleased with the team’s off-season moves, so this deal wasn’t a major shock to anyone. Williams, a Top 3 point guard, averaged 21 points and 8.7 assists last season.

While the Nets have agreed in principle with Williams and Gerald Wallace while agreeing to a Joe Johnson trade, Billy King and Net management has focused on acquiring Dwight Howard. Many, including yours truly, thought the Nets had no chance to trade for Dwight. However, the Nets are offering Marshon Brooks, two sign-and-trades (Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez) as well as three future first round picks. Howard is obviously the kingpin of this deal and won’t come cheaply, so expect the Magic to try to shed some bad contracts (i.e. Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu). Given the Nets financial obligations, expect a third team to be engaged.

Should the Nets acquire Dwight Howard, their ‘Big 4’ of Howard, Williams, Johnson, and Wallace would be among the league’s best. While I don’t think this team could beat Miami right away, they’ll have opportunity to be competitive. That’s a lot more than 27 other teams can say.