Even though NFL Odds makers aren’t giving the Giants much thought this season when it comes to future odds to win the Super Bowl once again, they are still gearing up for another run at the NFC East and the Super Bowl. Offseason programs are well underway, but the offseason has been met with a little turmoil for the G-Men.

After getting to meet President Obama a few days before at the White House, star offensive lineman and wildly outspoken David Diehl was celebrating some soccer win from the Euros, and he chose to hop into his expensive car after having way too much to drink.

I would give you three guesses as to what came next, but I have a feeling that you wouldn’t need them. Diehl continued to crash his nice luxury vehicle into several parked cars, and was later arrested for DUI. His court date is a little over a month from now, and the Giants can only hope that he will be met with a hefty fine and maybe some of that community service he so proudly admires himself for, instead of jail time. His license has been suspended, but something tells me he could have and can still afford to hire a driver. That’s what blows my mind about these guys getting DUIs.

This is just another instance of star professional athletes either thinking they are larger than life, or above the law. Whether it’s that, or Diehl just made a simple stupid drunk decision to drive a car after drinking heavily, this is a stain on the Giants’ quest to repeat. He is lucky he didn’t strike a pedestrian, or even a car with children in it.

Diehl has apologized for his actions, and even though he tried to make light of the situation by claiming he is the ultimate Giants’ humanitarian, it still doesn’t let go of the fact that this situation could have been a hell of a lot worse. Keep an eye out for his punishment next month.