On Saturday night, the Miami Heat put one of the modern day ‘NBA Dynasties’ to rest. The beaten down/bruised/tired/drained Boston Celtics couldn’t put forth a competitive fourth quarter as the Miami Heat steamrolled the Celts en route to the NBA Finals. ‘NBA Experts’ carried on about how this loss was the end of a dynasty. Really? A dynasty? Winning one championship in the past 25 years make a team a dynasty? Boston fans will throw every excuse in the book about why this current collection of Celtics couldn’t win more than one title–

  • ‘Oh, Perk was hurt for Game 7 against Lakers! We would have easily won with him!’
  • ‘If only we had Avery Bradley!’..and my favorite:
  • ‘The refs and David Stern fixed the game! They wanted Miami and Oklahoma City’

Quite simply, the Celtics weren’t good enough to beat Miami. If anything, the Heat put the Celtics out of their misery before Oklahoma City could embarass them. Kevin Garnett had a nice run, but no one outside of Boston will miss his poor sportsmanship. Ray Allen is the second best shooter of all time, but father time caught up to him, too. With superstar Avery Bradley and the recovering Jeff Green likely to rejoin the Celtics next season, both Garnett and Allen will likely have to look for new teams.

Hey Boston–when you start throwing the word ‘dynasty’ around, think about 90s Bulls and Yankees–not some beaten down, washed up team that couldn’t get it done more than once. If anything, the Boston Celtics and New York Mets have had comparable runs over the last 25 years–one title and whole alotta disappointment.