The New York Giants are looking to join some of football’s elite teams of the past this year as they shoot for back-to-back Super Bowl titles and a third championship with this head coach and group of players. What are their chances of a repeat, and what kind of NFL odds can we get on them?

Among the Greats?

Not too many coach/quarterback combos have won three Super Bowls. In fact, you can count them when you make the “read between the lines” sign with your fingers. There’s Coach Noll and quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who won four Super Bowls together; Coach Walsh and Joe Montana, who won three together; and Coach Belichick and Tom Brady, who have also teamed up to win three Super Bowls.

Heading into this season, after knocking off Belichick and Brady for the second time in the last five seasons in The Big One, Coach Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning are tied with the Lombardi/Starr, Shula/Griese, Landry-Staubach, Flores/Plunkett, Johnson/Aikman and Shanahan/Elway coach/quarterback combinations with two Super Bowl victories.

Bad News Already

As this group of Giants shoots for championship No. 3 they’re already gotten two pieces of bad news among the guys on the other end of Eli’s throws.

First, New York lost Mario Manningham to free agency, and to one of their challengers for the NFC title, the San Francisco 49ers.

Then, during a Spring OTA, Hakeem Nicks broke a bone in his foot. It’s hoped Hicks will be ready to go just in time for the regular-season opener against Dallas, but who knows when it comes to a wide receiver with a broken foot. 

Also, there’s been some shuffling done to the offensive line. One thing to keep in mind, folks; while New York performed like giant-killers in the playoffs last year, they only went 9-7 during the regular season.

The Schedule

Besides the divisional action with the usual suspects Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, which will be tough enough, the Giants have four road games this season against teams that made the playoffs last year, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Baltimore. And they play at Carolina, which probably won’t be a walk in the park. They also host the Steelers, Packers and Saints. So let’s just say just getting back to the playoffs won’t be easy.

New York Giants 2012 Betting Odds is listing New York at +900 to win the NFC again this season and at +1,650 to win Super Bowl 47. Now, you don’t often see odds like that on the defending champions. But those odds are also probably accurate. The Giants have some holes to fill, and there’s a feeling they caught lightning in a bottle last year. That can be hard to do two seasons in a row.