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Lacrosse Gear Essentials

One of the things that new lacrosse players sometimes have difficulty wrapping their heads around is the large amount of equipment that is necessary to play the game. Lacrosse is a very physical game that includes a large amount of contact between players. Failure to properly use all the required lacrosse gear can lead to disqualification in a match or injury in a practice. Avoid this by arriving to the first lacrosse practice with all the necessary gear. 

Lacrosse Stick 

The technical name for a lacrosse stick is a crosse. This is most the essential piece of LAX gear. Anyone that has a crosse and a lacrosse ball can get in some practice anytime they want. The length of lacrosse sticks varies widely among the various positions. The rules state that up to four members of a lacrosse team can carry long sticks that have shafts measuring 72 inches in length. All other members of the team are required to use short crosses that have shafts measuring between 40 to 42 inches in length. 

The Helmet 

Men are required to wear helmets in their games, because it is a full contact sport. They are also required to wear plastic mouthpieces under the helmet. Women’s lacrosse does not permit the same time of contact, so they do not wear a helmet. The women get by with a plastic mouthpiece and eye protection. It is important that the helmets should fit well in order to offer the proper protection in a collision. 


This is another essential part of LAX gear for men. Women may wear them as well, but typically they go gloveless or with very thin gloves. Men need to wear thick, padded gloves to absorb the contact front the many collisions in the game. 


Women do not wear padding in a lacrosse game usually. Men wear a lot of padding. Men will need a set of shoulder pads similar to hockey or football shoulder pads. They will also need to wear elbow pads. The goalie also wears a chest protector to absorb the impact of the ball on high-velocity shots. 

Get the Gear 

It is easy to get discounts on lacrosse gear for those who search. Look for sales during the offseason and get all the gear at once to lower the cost. Wearing the proper gear allows players to play all out without worrying about getting injured, so make sure to get all the proper gear for peace of mind.