Tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery will change the future of the league. The winning team will land the rights to selected prized Kentucky center, Anthony Davis. During his freshman season at Kentucky, Davis averaged 14.2 PPG, 10.4 RPG, and an outstanding 4.7 BPG. Davis’ defensive abilities have drawn comparisons to Marcus Camby. Add in his low-post offensive presence and mid-range game and Davis has the ability to be a special player. The Charlotte Bobcats have the best odds to land Davis (25%) while the Washington Wizards (20%), Cleveland Cavs (13%), New Orleans Hornets (13%), Sacramento Kings (8%), and Brooklyn Nets (8%) have outside chances to land Davis.

Of note, the Brooklyn Nets have the most to gain (or lose) during the lottery. After trading a protected first round pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, a Top 3 selection will allow the Nets to keep the pick. With Deron Williams’ impending free agency, a Top 3 will give the Nets some options…

As we’ve seen with Derrick Rose and the Bulls’ two percent chance to win the lottery, anything can happen. The Nets landing the first overall pick would give the team limitless possibilities…

Option #1: Keeping the #1 pick and drafting Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is a great, great prospect. He is a building block for any NBA team and will provide an instant boost at either the power forward or center position. Drafting Davis would allow the Nets to re-sign Brook Lopez and take some pressure off of Lopez’s shoddy defensive abilities. Lopez is an above average post scorer and pairing him with Davis would give the Nets a very formidable front court. In addition, Davis thrived playing with a dribble drive point guard in Marquis Teague at Kentucky. Playing with arguably the league’s best dribble drive point guard, Deron Williams, will unlock even more possibilities.

While we are on the topic of Williams, a core of Davis, Lopez, and Wallace would give Williams a strong core to play with. The Nets have been 29-62 with Williams, but boasting a strong trio would give him incentive to stay.

Option #2: Landing the #1, #2 or #3 pick and trading it to Orlando

Make no mistake–Dwight Howard wants to leave Orlando. Howard has been very public with his comments and wants to re-start his career with another NBA franchise. Of note, Howard wants to come to Brooklyn to join force with Deron Williams. A Top 3 pick would give the Nets a very strong trade chip as they attempt to assemble a package for the All-Star center. Orlando has already fired Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith and will want to start new regime in Orlando. With every passing day, the likelihood of Howard leaving Orlando increases. A premium draft pick will put their rebuilding efforts in motion.

Outside of Davis, I’m not in love with any of the other potential lottery picks. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist reminds me of Caron Butler while Bradley Beal is purely a scoring threat. Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond, and Jared Sullinger don’t really excite me, either. Ultimately, the Nets will try to move the #2 or #3 pick to get Howard.

Option #3: Falling outside of the Top 3

Option #3 is clearly the worst case scenario for the Nets. They’ll send the pick to Portland and lose a lot of leverage. The Nets will try their best to keep Williams, but they’ll lack a premium talent and the assets to acquire Howard. Option #3 is clearly more likely than not, so Net fans can’t hold their breath.

The odds clearly show us that a Top 3 pick is not likely for the Nets, but fans must remain optimistic. We’ll check back tomorrow, but Net fans, their ownership, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard will be closely watching as the ping pong balls bounce around the jar tonight.