There are a whole lot of scenarios that could change my NBA picks on this young rivalry between now and the start of next season, but these two teams both have some promise. The Knicks obviously made the playoffs, but ran up against the Heat. The Nets had a disappointing season and have a lot of questions they must address.

The biggest question surrounding the Nets is Deron Williams. Williams could leave via free agency if the Nets are not careful. With Williams and a healthy Brook Lopez, the Nets have the ability to be good. Also, Dwight Howard could still make his way to Brooklyn if Williams stays.

Another big question mark over the Nets is the draft lottery. They might not even have their pick due to the Gerald Wallace trade. That could put a domino effect in motion if they don’t retain it. Williams could leave, and Dwight could say bye bye!

The Knicks on the other hand are in a little better shape, but not money-wise. They have a lot of money tied up in their frontcourt, and the questions surrounding their guards and bird rights free agents are looming. If all doesn’t go well, the Knicks could find themselves in desperate need to some guards when the season rolls around.

The Knicks obviously have the leg up next season due to the three really good players they already have locked up, but if all goes well for the Nets in the lottery and free agency, they could challenge the Knicks for supremacy next season. I don’t see that happening, but even if all doesn’t go right, the Nets will challenge the Knicks in the future, especially if they are able to keep both their draft pick and Williams.