These NBA Playoffs have been wild and full of surprise, heartbreak and very good play. At the start of the playoffs, NBA odds makers were suggesting that the two best teams in the NBA were in the Eastern Conference. After Derrick Rose’s season ending knee injury and Chris Bosh’s abdominal strain, the Heat and Bulls have either been beaten or getting all they can handle from lesser teams.

We have also seen two small market Western Conference teams blow through competition, which has prompted NBA picks to change their tune. The Spurs have yet to lose in the playoffs and have moved to being the favorites to win the NBA Title. The Thunder have been making waves as well, as they have only lost one of their nine playoff games so far, and now it seems the best two teams reside in the West. With that being said, have we overvalued the Eastern Conference?

But the East being overrated is a bit too much. With the lockout this season, the field of contenders has been drastically reduced. Only teams that have been together for some time and have some already established chemistry have been playing well this season.

Injuries have been another factor leading teams with championship aspirations into an early offseason. The Bulls, Clippers, Magic and Heat have all been hit by injuries this season or in the postseason, which took away their championship or upset hopes.

I completely agree with the fact that the West is a better conference. The gap has closed somewhat in the last couple of years, but other than a fully healthy Miami and Chicago, there are other teams still on their way up or down in the East. The West has a lot more balanced and capable teams. I do see the East becoming more powerful soon once the Knicks, Pacers and Sixers grow up a little more, but until then, the West is still the conference of power.