The move from Newark to Brooklyn will surely help the Nets a lot. Think of the free agents they could have wooed to come play for them if the fact that they had to live in or around Newark wasn’t there. Now they are in the Big Apple, but next season’s NBA odds for the Nets are looking cloudy.

First and foremost, this wasn’t the season the Nets had hoped for. It started with the injuries to their main trade chip Brook Lopez. With the injury to him, they were not able to package a deal around Lopez for Dwight Howard.

Now they are faced with Deron Williams being an unrestricted free agent. Williams had a very good season for the Nets, but the Nets had a pretty bad season for Williams. Now Deron sees that his hometown Dallas Mavericks have plenty of cap space, and a void at the point guard position.

It’s not all bad for Brooklyn, even if Williams leaves. The Nets will still have a fairly high lottery pick in June’s NBA Draft, which is very deep compared to seasons past. The Nets finished tied for the 5th worst record in the league at 22-44.

If the Nets can some how keep Williams in town, they will be a contender for one of the better turnarounds in the NBA next season. They have uncovered some great talent in their young guys like MarShon Brooks, and when healthy, Lopez is one of the best centers in the NBA. They will also have some cap space this off-season.

If Williams leaves, it won’t necessarily kill the Nets, but it will set them back a lot. This is a team that sent a lot of guys over to Utah for just one and a half seasons of Williams in a Nets uniform. Priority one is for Jay-Z to get a hold of Williams and let him know they will do anything to keep him. If that includes drastically over paying, then so be it.