The great (or not so great whichever way you look at it) city of New York has a rich history of winning. The Yankees have more World Series rings than any other team, and the Giants just won another Super Bowl. In this article, I’m going to give my picks and betting odds as to what New York pro sports team will be next in line to win a title.

The obvious choice for the most likely is the team still in the playoffs of their respective sport. The New York Rangers lost to the Devils in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Finals in the NHL, however, the series is still tied 1-1. The Rangers have dominated all season, and despite being pushed to 7 games by the Capitols, the Rangers are the undisputed most likely to win a title for New York.

But what happens if New Jersey or one of the Western Conference teams knocks out the Rangers. Then what? The Knicks are still a few years away from competing for a title, and while the Yankees are still very good, they are currently looking up at both Baltimore and Tampa Bay in their division. They have the 5th best record in the American League, and they have a lot of competition. Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder in the American League doesn’t help much either.

If you think that the MLS is a real sport, then the Red Bulls have a shot. They are currently on top of the MLS standings early in the season.

In conclusion, New York has several teams in position to win titles, but if it isn’t the Rangers, they won’t win one this season. The Giants repeating is not probable, and the Jets are still working to be a steady team. The Yankees have a lot of competition, and the Mets are nowhere near being able to compete for a title. The Knicks have the Heat and Bulls to keep up with and so all hope lies in the Rangers and their playoff run for 2012.