NJ.com—“After a few meetings, Tiffany came up with several different options that they showed us and you kind of picked from there,” quarterback Eli Manning said in the press release the team sent out this morning. “We wanted it to be little different than the last ring.”

That ring was a “10-table” monstrosity that had no colored stones. This year’s ring is also white gold but more rounded and has blue sapphires on the top around the “NY” logo and four Lombardi Trohies to represent the four the franchise has won.

“The blue makes it a little different,” Manning said. “We wanted some blue – the Giants are Big Blue. We definitely wanted to get a little blue to spark it up a little bit.”

The lower palm of the shanks includes the years of the four Super Bowl seasons: 1986, 1990, 2007 and 2011.

“We wanted it to represent the four trophies and have that feeling that you made the best ring that you could have made,” Tuck said. “I think we captured that.”

A feature of the ring that hadn’t been revealed until today is the engraving of “Finish” and “All In” on the inside of the ring. Those were key phrases the team repeatedly uttered last season – the first a mantra Coughlin introduced in training camp and the second the words of Union City’s Gian-Paul Gonzalez, who brought the poker phrase to the players late in the season to inspire them.

“We wanted to get a few things that were significant to this season – (including) ‘Finish’ on the inside,” Manning said. “Things like that make the ring special.”

Bling bling, indeed. Time to go get another one.