The New York Jets starting quarterback thought that he finally got the respect from the club that he was looking for when he signed a long term contract. Instead, the Jets make a trade for Tim Tebow that leaves fans wondering “why”? How could this affect the Jets 2012 NFL odds?

The dynamics

Let’s clear this up, Mark Sanchez is the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. The Jets have invested too much time and money in him. After all, Sanchez has taken the Jets to 2 AFC Championships in his career and at times has shown that he’s capable of coming through in clutch situations. So where does Tim Tebow fit into the equation?

Tebowmania in New York?

Tim Tebow is a unique player that has garnered attention throughout the United States, People like Tim Tebow for the way that he conducts himself, his religious style of living, zen-like attitude, Hollywood looks, and his ability to believe and achieve although he’s not a pure quarterback.

Tebow has shown a consistency of being inaccurate at the quarterback position but yet finding a way to make the big play and ultimately finding a way to win.

A typical Tim Tebow statline would read; 2 completions, 7 attempts, 84 yards,with  1 TD and 0 INT. In other words, Tim Tebow has played a lot from behind, found a way for his team to stay competitive, and then when crunch time came he would make the big passing play or he would take off with the ball and his team would win the game.

With all of Denver’s comebacks, Tebow had Hall of Famer Dan Marino believing in him. The name of the game is winning and that’s what Tebow does best. Beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs was proof that Tim Tebow belonged in the post-season and he wasn’t all hype.

What can the Jets expect from Tim Tebow?

In Tim Tebow, the Jets get a guy that can serve various purposes on and off the field. Rex Ryan has already said that Tebow would be in on 15 to 20 snaps per game. The Jets hired former Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, and that mean’s that the famed Wildcat offense will be implemented into the Jets offense. Football is also a very physical sport as we’ve been learning from the concussion talk and Tim Tebow would serve as an excellent backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez.

Tebow want’s to start because he’s a human being that thinks that he’s capable of accomplishing anything, even though he won’t say it. The Jets will benefit from this as Mark Sanchez will feel pushed to produce now more than ever. The first time that Sanchez fails, the fans will be chanting “We want Tebow!”.

A wise acquisition

Mark Sanchez will benefit from this because it will make him work harder and Tim Tebow will benefit from the situation because he has a big ego and will give every ounce of effort, proving that he should start.


From a merchandising standpoint, the Jets and NFL will make a boatload of money off of Tim Tebow products as Tebow play’s in a city such as New York this will be felt nationwide

Although he’s not even close to be one of the better players in the league, Tim Tebow is the biggest name in the NFL where merchandising is concerned. The New York Jets are looking at the trade from many different aspects. The next time that someone says that there’s no place for Tebow, they’re wrong. His name will be printed on the back of most of the jerseys that you see at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

2012 NFL Season

Expect to see Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback and Tim Tebow as the backup. Tebow will be in on 15-20 plays in some capacity. Both of these players lack the numbers but are winners. The New York Jets will give New England a run for their money in the AFC East. If Sanchez show’s inconsistency, it’s “Tebow-time” in the Big Apple and the fans will be roaring. Tebow would be a world-wide celebrity. Look for Mark Sanchez to have a huge season as Tim Tebow is clipping at his heels.