The Mets let one franchise player walk away this off-season..they aren’t prepared to let that happen again. The Mets are prepared to offer David Wright a long-term contract this season. The Mets hold a $16 million club option for the 2013 season, but don’t expect that to get in the way of the Mets hope to lock up their cornerstone player. If the Mets can’t sign Wright before next season, they’ll likely start to entertain trade offers. 

Make no mistake–the Mets should (and likely will) lock up Wright. Wright has been with the Mets through their ups and downs. He has endured late season collapses, dealt with the dimensions at Citi, handled off-field issues with ownership, and most importantly, never shied away from the media. Wright has always been willing to sit at his locker and answer the hard questions while his team mates looked the other way. Wright has never been one to make excuses for his (or the team’s) poor performance. The Mets and their fans can’t ask for anything more. 

On the field, Wright has gotten off to a fast start this season, hitting an impressive .398 with four home runs, 21 RBIs, and a ridiculous .498 on-base percentage. The 20-15 Mets have surprised many people and Wright is at the forefront of his team’s fast start. While it’s ultimately his decision to stay with the Mets or test free agency, a Ryan Zimmerman-type of extension should get the deal done. The Mets owe it to their fans and David himself to lock him up. Wright has always been a stand up guy and the Mets should do the right thing and make him a Met for life.