Nothing makes me more irate than listening to professional athletes complain about money and their contract statuses. Hate it.

While most of their careers are short, the money made sets them up for life.  Given Osi Umenyiora’s current situation and subsequent complains, he’s no exception. Umenyiora is in the final year of a seven-year, $41.25 million contract. All things considered, Osi has been very productive. Osi has won two Super Bowls and collected 61 sacks over his first six years of the deal. However, Osi only appeared in nine games last year, leaving many questions about his durability and his age. 

Dating back to last summer, Osi has been very public with his comments regarding his contract status. After complaining about the lack of an extension, Osi failed to appear for the start of training camp. After showing up a few days later, Osi had arthosopic knee surgery and missed half of the regular season.  Osi and Jerry Reese have had an ongoing public spat about the details of his contract. Reese claims that multiple extensions have been presented to Osi, but Osi has scoffed at the offers. 

More recently, Osi has joined Twitter and hasn’t been too shy with his tweets. Osi has commented on Junior Seau’s death, claimed that he too will end up in critical condition after football, and even wished LeSean McCoy a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. Big words for a guy that has disappeared during both Giant playoff runs. (Only two sacks in the six critical playoff games during 2008, 2011). 

The Giant Way has always been to handle these issues in a private fashion. Other notable players (not named Brandon Jacobs) have handled contract issues behind closed doors. The Giants can’t like all of this negative publicity. 

Cutting, trading, or releasing Osi simply isn’t an option. The NFL Draft came and went and Osi is still a member of the Giants. Plus, the Giants have no incentive to release him and let one of their rivals pick him up. Given the injury to Terrell Suggs, the Ravens may be interested in trading for him, but unless they cough up a first rounder, he’s not going anywhere. 

Going forward, the Giants have no reason to offer him an extension. Justin Tuck, JPP, Victor Cruz, and Hakeem Nicks will all need new deals in the near future. The Giants are clearly trying to get younger and Osi just isn’t a part of that plan. If anything, Osi needs to shut up and focus on this season. Post a big season and then hit free agency. Osi is the Giants’ third best defensive end, which is never a bad thing. However, his long-term future with Big Blue appears bleak.