Facing a daunting 3-0 task, the Knicks responded in Game 4 by beating the Heat, 89-87. Melo went off for 41-6-4 to lead the way, but his late game actions will leave a lot of Knick fans wondering. Up three points with 15 seconds to go, Shane Battier fouled Melo as he attempted a three pointer. Melo proceeded to miss the first two free throw attempts before making the third to give the Knicks a four point lead. I didn’t like his demeanor after missing the first two shots. Melo was seen laughing, joking around, shaking his head. That type of attitude will not win anywhere let alone in New York. LeBron gave Heat fans some hope, converting a three-point play seconds later to cut the Knick lead to one. Now, it was Mr. Fire Extinguisher’s time to shoot two. Amar’e made one out of two, giving the Heat ANOTHER chance to at least tie (or win) the game. Luckily for the Knicks, Wade’s three-pointer was off the mark so this series is heading back to Miami.

Look, we all know the Knicks aren’t going to beat the Heat. We all knew this before the series even started. The lack of late game execution at the free throw line opened the door for the Heat. The Knicks are only delaying the inevitable with this series and Miami will close them out in Game 5.