Yesterday, we took a look at the Jets slate for 2012. Today, we’ll analyze the road the Champs will have take to start their title defense. In short, the league wasn’t too nice to Big Blue..

Based on last year’s records, the Giants’ opponents have a collective winning percentage of .547, tops in the league.¬† To make matters even tougher, road games for the Giants will feature opponents who had a winning percentage of .555. The Giants are road warriors and they’ll be frequently tested during the regular season.

Overall, the Giants schedule is very, very tough. Sure, the NFC East divisional games are always a battle, but their non-divisional schedule is absolutely brutal. The NFC East will be paired up with the AFC North, so the Giants will take on three playoffs teams including two very interesting games in Baltimore and at home against Pittsburgh. Outside of those games, a home meeting with the Pack and another road game in San Francisco will feature hard fought battles.

Recent Super Bowl champions have been kicking off the season at home–and the Giants will do that against Dallas this year. Remember, the Giants last regular season home game came against the Cowboys. Dallas wants payback, but it looks like the ‘Boys will have to be the first casualty of the 2012 season.

There’s no reason why the Giants can’t start the season at 4-1 or 5-0. A 6-2 record at the mid-way point is definitely possible. However, the schedule after the bye week is absolutely brutal.

Ultimately, the NFL is dictated by injuries. Some star players will be lost to an injury while others will drastically under perform. A few Victor Cruzs will emerge while other old veterans will fade from the spotlight. While it’s easy to sit here in April and make predictions about football games that are six months away, realize that things happen (and change) very, very quickly in the NFL. Having a tough schedule seems challenging, but it builts character for the post-season.

The NFL didn’t do the Giants any favors with the Giants’ schedule–but I don’t think Tom Coughlin or Eli¬†Manning wanted any, either.