Around 2:30pm yesterday afternoon I was offered a ticket to last night’s Rangers game. It took me about half a second to accept the invitation and forget about any other plans I had for the evening. Here’s some advice, if you have the chance to attend a  playoff hockey game (any playoff hockey game), I suggest you go. Especially if that game is at Madison Square Garden.

The building was electric last night. You would expect any home crowd to be raucous during the playoffs, especially in a Game One scenario, but this felt a bit different. There is the underlying belief amongst the Blueshirt faithful that we are about to witness something special, something we haven’t seen for 18 years.

The fans are excited to see how far this team can go. The atmosphere at the Garden last night reflected that. The fans are going to do their part to ensure the home-ice advantage. And if the Rangers continue to play at a high level, they will be hard to beat.

The Rangers are a dominant team in this league. I’ve talked about it all season, but now, its the playoffs. The regular season is irrelevant. All that matters is what happens during the next 10 weeks.

Can the Rangers make their Stanley Cup dreams come true? 15 more wins to go.