It’s one thing to lose Amar’e Stoudemire. It’s another to lose Jeremy Lin.

On Friday, the Knicks learned that Jeremy Lin will be out for six weeks with a torn meniscus. Effectively, Lin will miss the rest of the Knick season, regardless of a playoff run. Plus, no one really expected the Knicks to go far into the playoffs. Since coming on to the scene in February, the Knicks have been running Lin rampant. During February, Lin averaged 35.1 minutes per game which was one of the highest averages in the league. The Knicks eased up on him during March, averaging just 31 minutes per game. Still, the Knicks ran a career back-up point guard into the ground. Lin was this team’s X-Factor–and their lack of quality depth behind will cost them dearly.

The Knicks will use Baron Davis and Iman Shumpert at the point for the rest of the season. Mike Bibby will come off the bench and the team may even dust off Toney Douglas. Still, we can’t reasonably expect the Knicks to make a playoff run with B-Diddy running the point. Plus, with Ama’re out indefinitely, the Knicks have no shot at winning a title this season. If the Knicks make the playoffs, expect them to be a Round One casualty to either Miami or Chicago.