Yesterday, the Jets arranged a huge press conference for their new backup quarterback, Tim Tebow. In total, the Jets granted over 200 press passes, which equates to the number of passes given during the Super Bowl. 

In typical Tebow fashion, the ex-Gator handled every question with poise and professionalism. Tebow stated that he was ‘excited to be a Jet’ and looked forward to working with Mark Sanchez. Tebow brushed off tough questions about his role on the team, the current state of the team, and the obvious flaws with throwing motion. 

Granted, Tebow did not ask for this press conference. The Jets demanded that their newly acquired quarterback meet with the media. Even though, Woody Johnson and Mr. T were not in attendance, their presence was felt by having such an event in March. I can’t remember a time when a team had a large press conference for a backup player, but this is the Jets and this is how they do things. We can’t knock them for staying true to form. 

On a pure football level, I can write pages bashing the Jets for this move and question why they did such a thing, but that’s not the purpose of this article. Tim Tebow will go into Jet camp competing for the starting quarterback role. Regardless of the outcome, Tebow will do whatever the coaches ask him to do and try to help the Jets win a championship. Sure, there are questions about Tebow’s football makeup, but this guy has the intangibles needed to help enhance the Jet locker room. If anything, he’ll be used in some packages and will be asked to pick up tough yards in tight spots. 

Win, lose, or draw, Tebow will always be a role model for football fans. His personality and demeanor will never be questioned. Whether that translates into Jet victories is yet to be determined.