Let me be the first stay, I can’t wait for Andy Pettitte to make his return to the Yankee rotation. I’ve watched Pettitte since his rookie season in 1995 and will always associate Andy with my youth. However, when it comes to fantasy baseball, Pettitte virtually has no value.  

When Pettitte vountarily retired after the 2010 season, he retired as an All-Star. Pettitte went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts. Pettitte posted a 7.1 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 which weren’t vintage Pettitte numbers. However, Pettitte was sidelined for nearly two months with a groin injury. Pettitte dealt with various back and arm injuries throughout his career and given his age, we can’t discount another trip to the disabled list. Even worse, Pettitte may not be able to make a full return to the Yankees and hang it up for good. 

Pettitte has already indicated that he won’t be back before May and no one should expect him to be. If anything, we’ve learned from David Cone in 2003 that comebacks should be taken slowly. Pettitte will likely only give his owners 3/4 of a season and the numbers he posts won’t be good to justify any sort of fantasy value. Plus, there is no guarantee that Pettitte regains his signature stuff. 

For now, let Andy sit on the waiver wire and play the waiting game. If he comes back and delivers some vintage starts, quickly add him to your staff. For now, let Andy go and draft another pitcher who will start the year in his team’s rotation.