Last night, I shared my thoughts on the Tebow-to-Jets scenario. Initially, I scoffed at the idea, but then I remember that Woody Johnson owns the Jets. Johnson has never shied away from making an impact and cannot stand when his team is not in the limelight. Well today, Johnson and his cronies brought Tim Tebow to New York in exchange for a fourth round pick.

From a business standpoint, trading for Tebow makes a lot of sense. The Jets need to sell some tickets and the initial Rex generated buzz fizzled out last season. Bringing in Tebow creates a buzzing atomsphere for Little Brother.

From a football standpoint, this move just solidifies how much a joke that Jets are. In the last three weeks alone, the Jets have flirted with three different quarterbacks. First, Peyton Manning told them to take a hike. Then Sanchez cashed in big time. After finding out Tebow was available, the Jets wasted little time grabbing Tebow from Denver.

Tebow isn’t any player. Tebow is a phenomenom. He has a following. In Denver, it was clear that John Elway didn’t believe. The only way to stop an uprising was to replace Tebow with an immortal player. Now, the Jets have created their own circus by bringing in Tebow. After every incompletion or interception thrown by Sanchez, the Tebow-believers will be screaming for #15. Great way to build more confidence in Sanchez.

The Jets are clearly a laughing stock. They envy that the Giants are the toast of the town and have resorted to bringing in Tebowmania to level the playing field. In essence, Tebow will create buzz, but from a football standpoint, this move doesn’t make the Jets a better team. What a joke.