Apparently carrying boxes can be a dangerous task.

Yankees’ All-Star reliever, David Robertson, stumbled on a set of stairs carrying boxes and hurt his right foot. The Yankees sent Robertson for an MRI and the results came back negative. Doctors coined Robertson’s injury as a ‘bruised foot’, which is a huge relief. Granted, Robertson’s right foot is his push-off foot, so the Yankees need to make sure he doesn’t compromise his delivery. Remember, Alfredo Aceves suffered a back injury and never picked for the Yankees again. Relievers do come and go, but the Yankees view Robertson as their present and future.

Robertson posted an AL-best 13.50 K/9, a nearly unhittable 5.3 H/9, while only allowing one home run in 62 innings of work.

The Yankees don’t expect Robertson to miss the start of the regular season, so we all can exhale. However, with Mariano Rivera likely to retire at season’s end, the Yankees will need a future closer. Robertson and Rafael Soriano will probably duke it out for that job, but the Yankees need D-Rob to lock down the eighth inning in 2012.