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Wrestlemania XXVIII will take place this Sunday night in Miami. Alike most Wrestlemanias, Vince is pulling out all of the stops to entertain the masses. Outside of the matches, hip hop star, Flo Rida and Machine Gun Kelly (???) will perform. WWE’s annual Hall of Fame induction will feature Edge, the Four Horsemen, Yokozuna, and Iron Mike Tyson. While the casual fan won’t care too much about Machine Gun or the Hall induction, this year’s card is shaping up to be much better than the last few years. Without further delay, here are my official WM XXVIII predictions…

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Huh? Putting the prized off-season acquisition in the minor leagues? Can’t be!

However, this is the only move that the Yankees can (and should) make. It’s been well documented that the Yankees will open the season with six able starting pitchers and five rotation slots. CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova, and Phil Hughes are mortal locks for the rotation which leaves Michael Pineda and Freddy Garcia vying for the final spot. Garcia was extremely impressive last season, going from a Spring Training invite to rotation stalwart. Garcia essentially saved his career, posting a 12-8 record while sporting a 3.62 ERA.  Coming back to the Yankees on a one-year, $4 million deal made perfect sense. Then came the trade that shook the Yankee Universe..

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Three weeks after being cut, long-time Giants running back, Brandon Jacobs signed a one-year deal with the 49ers. The 29-year-old Jacobs has been taking fewer and fewer carries over the last few seasons. Ultimately, the Giants will need to replace not only his 700 yards and eight touchdowns, but his toughness that he brought every Sunday. There are a few external options that the Giants could look into in order to complement Ahmad Bradshaw. 

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Another guest post coming your way via Dave Thomas..Enjoy.

I like to think of myself as a guy that oftentimes if not always sees the glass as being half full as opposed to half empty. That being said, this season could be a long one to be a New York Mets fan.

When I run into people that say they are Mets fans, I quickly find a unique bond with them.

Yes, we Mets fans have always played second fiddle to the Yankees in the Big Apple; that is the equivalent of being a Los Angeles Clippers fan in L.A. The Clips could remarkably run off three or four NBA titles over the next decade and they would still be the poor stepchild to the 16-time champion Lakers.

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I’ve been receiving a lot of guest postings lately. This one comes from George Morales. Enjoy.
2011 didn’t quite pan out how Joe Girardi and the New York Yankees had planned. They were bounced from the playoffs in a decisive Division Series game against the Detroit Tigers, dropping an elimination match at home for the first time since 2007. 2011 also marked the last season Yankee great Jorge Posada would don his pinstripes, as he retired after his contract was up at the end of the season. Still, the New York Yankees are coming into the 2012 season with major reasons to pick their head up after the disappointment that was the 2011 campaign, and here are seven of them:

Yesterday, the Jets arranged a huge press conference for their new backup quarterback, Tim Tebow. In total, the Jets granted over 200 press passes, which equates to the number of passes given during the Super Bowl. 

In typical Tebow fashion, the ex-Gator handled every question with poise and professionalism. Tebow stated that he was ‘excited to be a Jet’ and looked forward to working with Mark Sanchez. Tebow brushed off tough questions about his role on the team, the current state of the team, and the obvious flaws with throwing motion. 

Granted, Tebow did not ask for this press conference. The Jets demanded that their newly acquired quarterback meet with the media. Even though, Woody Johnson and Mr. T were not in attendance, their presence was felt by having such an event in March. I can’t remember a time when a team had a large press conference for a backup player, but this is the Jets and this is how they do things. We can’t knock them for staying true to form. 

On a pure football level, I can write pages bashing the Jets for this move and question why they did such a thing, but that’s not the purpose of this article. Tim Tebow will go into Jet camp competing for the starting quarterback role. Regardless of the outcome, Tebow will do whatever the coaches ask him to do and try to help the Jets win a championship. Sure, there are questions about Tebow’s football makeup, but this guy has the intangibles needed to help enhance the Jet locker room. If anything, he’ll be used in some packages and will be asked to pick up tough yards in tight spots. 

Win, lose, or draw, Tebow will always be a role model for football fans. His personality and demeanor will never be questioned. Whether that translates into Jet victories is yet to be determined.


I received a guest posting from Dave Thomas on the state of the lowly, putrid New Jersey Nets. Check it out..

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Going into the 2012 season, Yankee fans are routinely forgetting about A-Rod when discussing the team’s offensive potential. Sure, Curtis Granderson had a career year in 2011 and Robinson Cano is one of the game’s best hitters, but A-Rod is no slouch, either. After missing 63 games last year with a knee injury, the soon-to-be 37-year-old A-Rod had a knee procedure done in Germany. The same doctor who performed surgery on Kobe Bryant (the NBA’s leading scorer) also worked on A-Rod. While no two bodies are the same, we’ve heard nothing but great things about this German doctor. While the German doctor can’t hit a baseball for A-Rod, this procedure will hopefully help him start driving the ball again. Given A-Rod’s down year in 2011 and successful knee surgery in the off-season, are people undervaluing A-Rod for the first time in his storied career?

AP Photo

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I get a lot of books sent to me. Some are very good. Others, not so much. Still, I manage to sit down and read through each one. Recently I received Andy Strasberg’s Baseball Fantography, which depicts amateur photographs taken by fans.  The book features over 200 pictures during various baseball eras. Acompanying those photos are random trivia questions for baseball diehards and short essays written by some writers and past players. 

If you love baseball and enjoy random facts as much as I do, the book is definitely worth buying. There are a few candid Derek Jeter photos that Yankee fans (male and female) can appreciate. I strongly suggest picking this book and giving it a read. You can buy Baseball Fantography on Amazon

Let me be the first stay, I can’t wait for Andy Pettitte to make his return to the Yankee rotation. I’ve watched Pettitte since his rookie season in 1995 and will always associate Andy with my youth. However, when it comes to fantasy baseball, Pettitte virtually has no value.  

When Pettitte vountarily retired after the 2010 season, he retired as an All-Star. Pettitte went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts. Pettitte posted a 7.1 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 which weren’t vintage Pettitte numbers. However, Pettitte was sidelined for nearly two months with a groin injury. Pettitte dealt with various back and arm injuries throughout his career and given his age, we can’t discount another trip to the disabled list. Even worse, Pettitte may not be able to make a full return to the Yankees and hang it up for good. 

Pettitte has already indicated that he won’t be back before May and no one should expect him to be. If anything, we’ve learned from David Cone in 2003 that comebacks should be taken slowly. Pettitte will likely only give his owners 3/4 of a season and the numbers he posts won’t be good to justify any sort of fantasy value. Plus, there is no guarantee that Pettitte regains his signature stuff. 

For now, let Andy sit on the waiver wire and play the waiting game. If he comes back and delivers some vintage starts, quickly add him to your staff. For now, let Andy go and draft another pitcher who will start the year in his team’s rotation.