With both Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum likely out for the beginning of the upcoming season after suffering torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, the Giants will assuredly do something about the tight end position in the offseason. The selection of top free agents at the position is nothing to write home about, bringing us to today’s Prospect Profile: tight end Dwayne Allen of Clemson.

Given Allen’s ability at the tight end position and the high demand for a tight end at the moment, he would be an ideal mix of value and need at the end of round one.


Dwayne Allen
RS Junior, TE
Clemson University
6-4, 255

Football writer Matt Waldman recently wrote of Allen: “The fact that Allen has the physical skills and hands to become a productive move-tight end or hybrid player already places him atop most teams’ positional boards. The fact that he demonstrated the skill to execute a full complement of blocks gives him star potential.”

Let’s take an in-depth look with the National Football Post’s report on Allen:

Possesses a thicker, compact frame with a strongly put together core and base. Isn’t real long armed and seems a bit tightly wound, but has a big set of hands. Lined-up all over the Clemson offense this year (TE, H-back, slot) and has the versatility to do the same in the NFL. Is a naturally strong kid who has a heavy set of hands and can create a little pop on contact both in-line and on the move. However, doesn’t do a great job keeping his base down into contact, which allows defenders to get under him initially in the run game in-line. However, he has the natural power to work his legs through contact and is graceful/powerful enough to work his legs around the target to seal or begin to get a push. Is a good move blocker who has some range getting into the second level and takes solid angles into contact. Has the natural power to create a snap through the hips, gain leverage and seal on the edge. Has shown the natural power in the past to handle defensive ends through contact. However, needs to learn to play lower. His lack of length is even more obvious in pass protection where he is consistently forced to lock his arms in order to try to stay on defenders through contact.

Possesses a slightly above-average get off for his size when lined-up with his hand on the ground. However, doesn’t do a great job avoiding contact. Allows himself to get upright and isn’t overly shifty when trying to avoid a bump. Looks more explosive off the line when split out, showcasing the body control, foot quickness and fluidity to snap out of his breaks on sharply breaking routes and create separation. Builds speed as he goes down the field. Isn’t a burner, looks like a 4.75 guy, but sells his routes well and looks natural with his first step burst to the post. Snaps his head around quickly and knows how to find the football. Extends his arms well down the field and can pluck off his frame.

Impression: Is a solid, strong athlete with good hands and body control when asked to go get the football. He’s an NFL talent who can be used in a number of ways on an NFL offense.

Allen’s scouting report from CBS Sports:

Release: Comes off the snap quick, low and hard. Runs low and accelerates quickly. Can effectively place a block on a pass rusher before starting route by sinking fluid hips and delivering a punch. Is strong enough to beat jams.

Hands: Has extremely good, soft, natural hands. Consistently makes the clean catch. Quickly secures and protects the ball. Tracks the ball well and adjusts to off-target throws. Catches well in traffic, shields the ball from defenders with frame, and holds on despite being hit.

Route Running: Runs precise routes with mostly crisp cuts. Very difficult to cover, gets separation consistently. Turns and accelerates though top speed is good but not elite.

After the Catch: Powerful open-field runner with agility, quickness, and a decent stiff arm. Can break tackles, run through defensive back tackle attempts and convert short passes into long gains.

Blocking: Knee-bend and technique are good and he shows decent power when his hands hit the target. Blocks effectively on the move and downfield. High-cut frame and limited power in hands prevent a top blocking grade. Will never be a dominant blocker because of frame.

Intangibles: Appears to be a very hard working prospect, takes football extremely seriously and wants to be great. Very durable. Played a major role in a sophisticated college offense that used NFL-style scheme.

Now for some film:
Dwayne Allen: Vs. Auburn, FSU, VaTech

Mocking the Draft recently ranked Allen as “far and away the best TE in the class.” I agree, wholeheartedly. He possesses the rare skill set combination of good blocking and receiving ability, making Allen a must-draft at 32nd overall.