It’s been in the works for weeks now, but the trade has finally come to a head. The Yankees and Pirates agreed to a trade that will send AJ Burnett and $20 million (of $35 million remaining)┬áto the Pirates for two minor leaguers. One of the minor leaguers is Diego Moreno, a right handed pitcher who appeared in Double A last year, but suffered from rotator cuff problems. The other propsect is unknown.

All players involved need to pass physicals and the Commissioner’s Office needs to give the ‘okay’, but AJ’s time as a Yankee is over.

I’m on record being 100 percent against this move and I think this a huge, huge mistake. The rotation is filled with young arms and I don’t trust Freddy Garcia. We’ll see how this season plays out, but I think Burnett will have a huge season with the Pirates. Hopefully for Yankee fans, the Pirates don’t flip him at the Trade Deadline to a contender. (Imagine AJ pitching for the Red Sox while the Yankees pay him?!)