Talk about a downgrade.

Two weeks ago, Jeremy Lin was sleeping on his brother’s couch. Now, the world’s most egotistical/unhappy/sloppy wife (Kim Kardashian) wants her piece of Linsanity. Sources say that Kardashian’s publicist recently called Lin and invited him to go on a date with the volumptous Kardashian. Lin alledgedly agreed to go after team mate, Carmelo Anthony assured him that this would be a ‘double date’. Kardashian thinks that Lin is ‘cute’, but this is coming from someone who ‘loved’ mountain man Kris Humphires for 73 days.

With Lin’s career clearly on the uprise, is a double date with Melo’s gal pals really worth it?

Could A 'Lindashian' be on the way?--Getty

First thing is first. Technically, Kris Humphries is still married to Kimmy K and is seeking to ‘expose her’ for the fraud she really is. Does Linsanity really want to cross into that territory? Mind you, the Knicks and Nets still have a few more meetings this season. I don’t think Lin wants to anger the bearish Humphries.
Secondly, anyone who ‘Keeps Up’ with celebrity gossip knows that the whole Kardashian Klan is filled with attention-seeking bimbos. Kardashian made a sex tape with Ray J, dated Reggie Bush, married Humphires while making millions in the process. In addition, Kardashian’s body is filled with so much plastic from surgery that she could be easily recycled. Going into this, Lin is smart enough to know that he has nothing to gain. Tim Tebow apparently turned down Kardashian and Mark Sanchez had a short-lived fling with her as well. Does Lin really want Marky Mark’s sloppies? Jeremy, you are better than that.
Alike most pure things in life, it’s only a matter of time until they are corrupted. Jeremy Lin, America’s golden boy from Harvard, could start sliding down a slippery slope by hanging out with the ‘La Las’, ‘Kholes’, and ‘Scott Disicks’ of the world. Instead, Lin should keep trying to perfect this hand shake with Landry Fields and provide free tutoring to the underpriviledged youth in New York City. Harvard grads should have the ability to do both.
When it comes to this date, Lin should do what he’s been doing all season long–pass it to one of his team mates.