The folks over at Greatist sent me a quick e-mail about an interview they conducted with Jeremy Lin. When the interview was conducted, Lin was on the Houston Rockets and no one read it. Now that Lin is the most popular baller in the NBA, this article is HOT. You can check out the full interview here, but I’ll share a few of my favorite quotes after the jump.

Linning--AP Photo

What’s something you wouldn’t want your coach to know that you eat?

In-N-Out Burger. That’s my weakness. If I drive by and smell it, it’s over

What do you do in your spare time in between training every day?

I have two guys that do my marketing and we’ve been making these YouTube videos that show my personality off the court. Also, I have a non-profit organization, so I spend a lot of time doing research and getting that going. That’s something I’m really big on. Today was the soft launch so we had three school visits and gave away a few hundred turkeys. I also had a TV interview to promote my foundation, which is called the Jeremy Lin Foundation.

Finally, if you could play any other sport professionally what would it be?

I’d try to be you— André Akpan! Soccer was my favorite sport [growing up]. I played until eighth grade. But in California, basketball and soccer were in the same season. I had to quit one of them, so I chose basketball.

And my man has been LINNING ever since!