This off-season has been focused around improving the team on the field–and the Yankees have done that. Re-signing CC Sabathia was seamless, picking up the options for Robbie Cano and Swish-Hawk were mindless, and the Pienda-Montero swap looks pretty darn good on paper. At the forefront of those decisions was a man who has been extremely successful, yet is facing a ton of scrutiny. In addition, a familiar face on the YES Network apparently had a little too much to drink this past weekend…


Been A Longgg Off-Season For Cash Money

 Brian Cashman

Incase you missed it, Brian Cashman has a crazed mitress/stalker/thief that is out to ruin him. Louise Meanwell is claiming that Cashman lied to the Feds about steroid usage on the Yankees. Cashman apparently paid Meanwell in excess of $6,000 to keep this ‘relationship’ a secret, but things went arrie when Meanwell demanded $15,000 and Cashman refused to satisfy her demands.

Mrs. Cashman has already filed for divorce while Mrs. Mistress Cashman is trying to take down the Yankee front man. People will always make their own decisions, but the decision to link up with Ms. Meanwell behind Mrs. Cashman’s back, isn’t exactly great for Yankee PR.

Bob Lorenz

Bob Lorenz, the familiar YES in-studio host for the Yankees and Nets, was arrested early Wednesday morning when police found him asleep behind the wheel of his idling car. When the police awoke Lorenz, he began to drive away slowly and almost crashed into a telephone poll. Lorenz failed sobriety tests and was taken into custody. Lorenz is a three-time NY Emy winner for his pre-game and post-game shows on YES.

It’s not clear what the YES Network will do with Lorenz’s contract at this time.

What a sad, sad turn of events for these two men. Public figures like Cashman and Lorenz live their lives in the public eye and must suffer the reprocussions when these happen. Instead of worrying about the Yankee bench, trading AJ Burnett, or signing a left-handed hitter, Cashman has to worry about court appearances. Same thing goes for Lorenz. Instead of preparing for Net games, he’ll appear in court.

Ultimately, everyone must make their own decisions and sometimes those decisions have reprocussions. Luckily for Cashman and Lorenz, their jobs seem safe, but another slip up and the Yankees may move in a new direction..

Yankee fans want to see Cashman pay free agents, not his divorce attorney..