Last night’s Super Bowl was an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. It had all the makings of an all-time classic. Brady vs. Eli. Belichick vs. Coughlin. Revenge for the Pats. Ascension for Eli. The game was great. When the dust finally settled, the Giants laid claim to a 21-17 victory. 

When looking back at the game, two huge plays stand out and that ultimately shaped the outcome…

Tom is now 1-3 vs. NYG

Play #1: Justin Tuck Forces Tom Brady Into A Safety

Steve Weatherford had a beautiful punt, pinning the Pats deep inside their own territory. Justin Tuck applied pressure and Brady threw an errant pass, resulting in a safety for the Giants. People who had unorthodox numbers in Super Bowl pools went wild, but this play changed everything–including strategy for the final Giant offensive drive. 

Play #2: David Trese 2.0

Wes Welker dropped a sure-fire, first down pass from Tom Brady, resulting in a punt that gave Eli four minutes to work with. Eli took over and threw an absolute perfect ball to Mario Manningham who caught the pass for a 37-yard gain. The catch was very David Tyrie-esqe. And it set up the Giants for the eventual game-winning touchdown.