Was anyone really surprised with tonight’s outcome?

Eli Manning. Ball in Hand. Down two points. Four minutes to go. How many times have seen it before?

Eli to Manningham(3x). Eli to Nicks a few times. Highlighted by a Bradshaw TD run with one minute to go. G-Men up, 21-17.

I don’t care what any NFL analyst or talking head has to say. Belichick allowing the Giants to score and take the lead was one of the dumbest plays I’ve ever seen. He only had one time out, no healthy, big end zone targets capable of catching a jump ball. A team that has a bunch of slot, possession receivers, less their biggest and best target isn’t capable of taking it 80 yards on the G-Men defense in less than a minute. I get the notion of giving your offense another shot, but so many bad things can happen on a field goal try. (Just ask Tony Romo or Billy Cundiff).

Eli Was Eli.

Belichick apparently ducked the post-game interview and there’s no doubt that his legacy takes a hit. Same with Brady. Arguably the most dominant franchise in football over the last decade was beaten TWICE by Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. They go right into the conversation now.

That’s all for today. Everyone is probably too full from eating snacks and passed out on their couches. The G-Men are officially Super Bowl champs for the fourth time. Now a two-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli is Eli.