Watching the Giants take on the 49ers in the first half I kept saying how impressed I was with the offensive line and the protection of Eli in the pocket. He looked like he had as much time as he wanted to go through and pick apart the defense, which he and Victor Cruz did by putting up 8 catches for over 100 yards in the first half alone. In the second half and later in the game, the pocket was collapsing quicker and quicker. I could see on TV (which isn’t a good sign) that Kareem McKenzie was getting pushed aside and beat on almost every play. To make it worse, he looked like he was barely putting any effort in once he was beat to try and ward off that defender at least an extra second for Eli to continue performing his surgery.

In-game adjustments are what separate good teams from truly great teams (coaches and players). I’m sure that was in play with the great coaching of Harbough and the Niners great defense, but this showed me a serious lack in conditioning for the Giants offensive linemen. With the two weeks off, hopefully everyone on the squad will be well rested, especially those most important to creating that time that gets Eli into a rhythm with his receivers and then elevate their game to the explosive offense that we’ve seen generate 99 yard touch down plays.

The Patriots aren’t afraid to make those kind of adjustments, which could see their monster Vince Wilfork shift sides to be attacking on McKenzie and bum rushing the quarterback to cause pressure to cause a slight mistake or big turn over. And like the Giants in the Conference Championship, the Patriots are a team that capitalize on opponents mistakes.

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd newest venture is an online store for quality beer fridges and wine coolers. You can follow him on Twitter @Tresnic.