Let’s face it: The majority of us grew up listening to the brash voice of Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo and the pompous, arrogant tone of Mike ‘Diet Coke’ Francesa. When this legendary duo split in 2008, the New York airwaves were a little less noisy and a little less interesting. Luckily for Mike & The Mad Dog fans¬†like myself, Mike and Chris each did a spot yesterday¬†on the other’s program. For just twenty minutes, NY sports fans were taken back to time where the annoying Russo laughs were plentiful and Francesa was a little more humble. Mike and Chris discussed the Super Bowl, ‘Radio Row’, Penn State, Jose Reyes, Brian Cashman, Kimberly Jones, and the Tuck Rule in a little less than five minutes before moving onto movies, music, entertainment, and their families.

As an avid Francesa listener (and supporter), Mike’s tone actually seemed happy for a change. Fans could tell that Mike & Dog are a match made in Heaven.

Dawg & Zaun

For those wondering about a possible reunion, Russo (now 52 years old), is signed on with Sirius XM through September 2013. Francesa (who will turn 58 next month), is signed on with WFAN through February 2014. Francesa does have three very young children and that could complicate a future contract for Mr. Diet Coke. But until the time comes, it was great seeing my favorite sports radio duo, do a spot together. Now, let’s get back to their individual, boring radio shows!!