For the first time in his career, Chad Ocho Cinco is not a focal point. Ocho Cinco, who has dealt with a number of issues this season, has only registered 15 catches for 276 yards and 1 TD this season. Ocho Cinco has not caught a pass since Christmas Eve and was not active for the AFC Championship Game. Ocho Cinco, the owner of seven 1,000 yard seasons, has been waiting for his opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. As a Giants fan, the thought of Ocho Cinco suiting up on Sunday does worry me and here’s why—

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Bill Belichick is a smart, super savvy coach. Belichick knew what he was doing when he signed the outspoken, brash, diva-like Ocho Cinco. Belichick injected his ‘Patriot Ways’ into Ocho Cinco and the wide receiver has taken form. Despite his lack of receptions, Ocho Cinco has apparently been helpful to the young receivers and even purchased all of his team mates, Beats by Dre headphones for the flight to Indy. (I wonder if Bill got them, too).

While Bill did instill his Patriot ways in Chad, Bill also knows Chad inhibits a killer instinct. Chad was absolutely desperate to leave Cincinnati and ultimately play for the Patriots. After essentially watching Tom Brady throw the ball to every one of his wide receivers, Ocho Cinco knows its his turn to step up into the Super Bowl spotlight and have his moment. Bill is smart enough to know Chad wants (and needs this moment). He’ll make sure he has every opportunity to succeed.

On a more somber note, Ocho Cinco’s father passed away two weekends ago. Ocho Cinco will hopefully channel this tough time into something more positive for himself. The death only fuels his fire.

I truly do not believe Bill Belichick brought Ocho Cinco in to catch 15 passes. We’ve heard the stories about Ocho Cinco having a tough time with the playbook, but Bill would have cut him if that was the case. Belichick knows that superstar players thrive on the big stage and Chad is ready to have his moment. Watch out.