The Yankees have had their share of bad contracts. We can start at the very top (AJ Burnett) and go back to the days of Kyle Farnsworth, Jason Giambi, and Roger Clemens (half-season edition). Despite the bad contracts, the Yankees have always had a stable core of veteran leaders and most sizeable free agent moves plugged an obvious hole on the team. After watching the Detroit Tigers give $214 million to Prince Fielder, I’m really having a tough time understanding their reasoning. For me, Fielder-to-Detroit is only good for one party–the Prince himself. This move clearly spells doom to the long-term future of the team, which isn’t so bad for Yankee fans. Here are¬†three reasons why I hate this move for the Tigers..

Reason #1: Position Availability

Two weeks ago, we learned that Victor Martinez was going to miss the entire season, which dealt a huge blow to the Tiger lineup. In 2010, Martinez signed a four-year, $50 million contract. While Martinez will miss the third year of that four year deal, his return in 2013 will create a few issues. Last season, Martinez appeared in 112 games as the Tigers’ DH and only 26 games as a catcher. Slugger, Miguel Cabrera played 152 games at first base, Fielder’s natural (and only) position. Cabrera vowed that he will play third base this season,¬† but he hasn’t played third since 2007 when he was about 50 pounds lighter. Both he and Fielder are sub-par defensive players, regardless of position. Between Fielder, Cabrera, and Martinez, the Tigers will have two available spots for three high-priced guys. Maybe the Tigers will attempt to trade Martinez, but his bat was invaluable to the lineup last season.

Reason #2: Fielder’s Body

There’s no mistaking Prince Fielder. The beefy slugger is one of the game’s best left-handed power bats. However, given Fielder’s age (28) and weight (275 lbs) will both likely increase with time. Plus, Detroit did not include any incentives for physical fitness. We’ve seen big, lefty first basemen get big deals (Mo Vaughn, Jason Giambi come to mind) and these players failed to live up to expectations. As time went on for Vaughn and Giambi, their bigger bodies began to wear down and they were essentially useless for their final years. I don’t think there’s any question we could see Prince go down the same path.

Reason #3: Upstaging Miggy?

Miguel Cabrera is no stranger to off-the-field issues.

Cabrera, who inked an eight-year, $153 million deal in 2008, was just upstaged by Fielder’s deal. Will Cabrera, who is a perennial .330+, 35 HRs, 120 RBI machine, feel jealous at all or start to complain? I’m a firm believer that athletes have the biggest egos and the clown-headed Cabrera is no exception.

The Tigers have $370 million invested into two, one dimensional, overweight players. That $370 million is invested into 510 pounds of pure girth and power hitting. While I do think the Tigers will benefit early on from this signing, things could start to get ugly in 2014, 2015 when Fielder’s and Cabrera’s defensive skills begin to further decline. Remember too, Detroit is a pitcher’s park with lots of room in the outfield. Fielder’s home run numbers will surely take a hit and I don’t exactly envision him legging out triples on a nightly basis.

Prince Fielder–great lefty power bat. Worth $214 million to a team that already has an All-Star at first? No thanks.