One word to describe this game:


Eli Was Eli--AP Photo

In what was a four-hour roller coaster ride, the Giants pulled out an exciting, hard-fought, draining, win over the Niners. In my preview this week, I highlighted how the Niner prided themselves on not turning the ball over. True to form, the Niner offense did not turn the ball over. However, punt returner Kyle Williams fumbled two punts–resulting in ten decisive Giant points. Eli Manning threw for 306 yards, but he earned every single yard. In his 63 dropbacks, Eli was hit 21 times–and got up after every single one. Mario Manningham had his weekly post-season appearance in the end zone and the Giant defense looked awesome–outside of two blown plays to Vernon Davis.

We’ll have more for you in the coming days, but after that game, I think everyone just needs to sleep┬áto start having dreams of February 3, 2008. You know–Super Bowl rings, decking Tom Brady, salsa-ing …

Victor In Cruise Control--AP Photo