This will be short but clear.

Forget about adding a new player and needing time for chemistry. Forget about how badly we need a quality guard to quarterback this offense. Forget about everything on the floor. The Knicks CAN NOT trade Amare Stoudemire because it would just be wrong.

STATS was the first one to come to New York without the promise of another star (aside from friends toasting at a wedding, in which case, we should be guaranteed to see Chris Paul rocking the old Starks digits next fall). He started the buzz at the Garden again and single handedly brought the Knicks back to relevancy in the league. He took a leap of faith to be with the Knicks and he’s the reason Melo wanted to come play at the Mecca.

I don’t need or want to remind anyone about the Isiah days and how far a hole he dug the Knicks. With the help of Donnie Walsh clearing the cap space (which took how many years? Thanks again Isiah), Amare climbed us out of that pit.

If the Knicks traded him, it would be horrible karma for the organization. Oh, and he’s an elite player. Last year he finished 6th in scoring, 7th in blocks and 12th in Player Efficiency Rating overall and ranked 1st and 2nd in scoring and assists for all power forwards. I’d say he’s the best option in the league at his position.

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