After last week’s dominant performance against Atlanta, I told everyone that I came into contact with that the Giants were going to beat the Packers. I predicted it here. (I went 4-0 this weekend, by the way). I told people from Wisconsin that I met at my business conference. (They laughed). I told random people in the subway. I expect a tight game with the Giants pulling it out late. Instead, the Giants dug deep and just embarrassed the Packers.

Tom Was Tom--AP Photo

The Giant defense recovered three fumbles, forced one interception, and sacked Aaron Rodgers four times. Eli Manning threw for 339 yards (249 in the first half) and three TDs. Hakeem Nicks caught a hail mary touchdown pass before halftime. Brandon Jacobs finally ran north-to-south and scored the ‘goodnight the lights’ TD with three minutes to go. The Giant offense outgained the prolific Packer offense, 420 to 388. Special teams created turnovers. Tom was Tom. The Giants waved ‘goodbye’ to Aaron Rodgers and his horrible ‘Discount Count Double Check’ commercials. (Thank God). We’ll have more for coverage, but the Giants are heading to San Francisco to avenge another early season loss and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Bang--AP Photo