Let me make this very clear from the start: I am not saying he should be fired right now. I’m posing the question, does Mike D’Antoni deserve a full season to show he is still the right coach for the New York Knicks?

He’s on his fourth year (103 – 143; 42 – 40 last year) and everyone knows the first two were throw away seasons because of the big free agency summer of 2011/Isiah Thomas, The Grave Digger. But now we have the pieces in place to at least be in the top half of playoff teams in the conference and so far this season, they’re not playing as if they should even be a playoff team.

Bad losses to horrible teams (Warriors: 2-6, Raptors: 4-6, Bobcats: 2-8) are not good signs early on for what this team is capable of doing. Yes, there was no off-season together, but the other teams didn’t have that either. Yes, we don’t have a legitimate point guard right now (I love Shumpert as much as the next guy, but is he really a starting point guard for a playoff team in the NBA?) and we have Baron Davis to try and come to the rescue if he can get in shape, keep his back healthy and play motivated, but those are all big ifs. Even then, how much can we expect an aging star (years, injury misses) to pick up the slack? I do guarantee some more alley-oops and fast paced ballin’ though (link to half court alley-oop pass). The problem is, as exciting a player as BD is when he wants to be, he’s a bit too reminiscent of Stevie Francis than I’d like to see in someone we’ll be looking to for leadership.

So with a team with the talent and star power that comes with high expectations, should D’Antoni get the full season to earn a spot on the sideline for next year? Phil Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Jerry Sloan are the top free agent coaches that are going to be tossed around the rumor mill as soon as D’Antoni’s seat gets hot. When watching this team, I want to say he’s had his time and shouldn’t last the season, but it’s hard when looking at who would be a better replacement immediately.  It’ll be interesting to see if they let him play out the year, fill in with an interim coach to take a stab at the playoffs, or just hold off and look for a big name, proven coach in the offseason.

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd also contributes simple recipes for guys at Easy Recipes For Beginners. You can follow him on Twitter @Tresnic.