Yesterday, in a development that shocked no one, the New York Jets made headlines for the wrong reasons.  Several anonymous players called for Peyton Manning to come to New York, and trashed Mark Sanchez in the process.  It’s a fitting end to a dreadful season that began with Super Bowl guarantees and ended with a collapse.  From one fed-up fan, here’s an open letter to the entire team (after the jump).

A true captain

Dear Jets,

Ripping your quarterback to the media, and not even having the balls to own up to your own quotes is nothing short of a disgrace.  But this was only one disgraceful moment in a season full of them.  You disgraced yourselves when you forgot to show up in Baltimore on national television.  You disgraced yourselves when you trashed Tim Tebow…and then let him waltz 95 yards for the winning score.  You disgraced yourselves when, despite all that, you somehow held total control over your playoff destiny at 8-5…and then blew those final 3 games.  Remember those final 3 games?  You were outscored 93-50 in that span, and 2 of those opponents didn’t even make the playoffs.  Just like you.

And then you, like the clowns you are, somehow made things even worse on the final day.  You quit with the season on the line, flipped off a photographer, and pointed the finger at an entire half of the team.  But hey, at least you got that pesky ‘C’ issue out of the way.  You guys are definitely moving in the right direction now!

And now, this pathetic calling for a dignified future hall of famer who wouldn’t even dream of joining this mess, while throwing your current leader completely under the bus.  Jets, please do us all a favor, and stay out of the news until next season’s training camp.  Go away.


A disgruntled fan