If you are an MLB or NBA fan, this has been a sad, sad week. To start things off, Portland Trail Blazer point guard, Brandon Roy, was forced to retire. Roy, 27, has been suffering from a degenerative knee condition. When healthy, Roy was on the league’s top shooting guards and averaged 19.0 PPG during his career. To make matter worse, a three-team trade sending Chris Paul to the Laker was rejected because David Stern didn’t like it. Then the teams revised the trade, submitted it, and were REJECTED AGAIN!  (Funny Side Note: Lamar Odom Kardashian threw a hissy fit and the Laker traded him to Dallas, lol). Anyway, David Stern has completely lost control of the league and I fully expect the Player’s Association to sue the NBA. Stern is already trying to influence who plays where. While he’s at it, does Stern want to release which teams will make the playoffs too? 

Finally, Ryan Braun tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, two weeks after winning the NL MVP Award. As a whole, baseball’s popularity won’t suffer, but it’s truly sad to see the game’s best outfielder artificially inflate his way to an award.