577. Digest that for a second.

577=yards of total offense recorded by the Saints tonight. Those 577 yards netted out to 49 points scored. Yardage-wise, this was the second worst defensive effort in Giant football history. The Giants simply had no answer for Drew Brees.

This season, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have been putting on clinics, week after week. Tonight was Brees’s stage as he delivered a historic performance. Brees to Moore. Brees to Graham. Brees keeps it himself. Brees was damn near unstoppable (5 total TDs) as the Giants failed to register a sack or create any sort of pressure. This Giant defense is an absolute disgrace right now and they better find the answers and find them in a hurry.

For as bad as the defense was, Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit. Eli started the second half off by completing 16 straight passes. Eli’s 407 yards were more than Brees, but he wasn’t as efficient as Brees was. Eli did his best to keep the Saints off the line of scrimmage to open up the running game. Brandon Jacobs played a little bit better (46 yards, 1 TD), but was jawing and trash talking to the Saints all game long. Brandon, no one wants to hear the mouth any longer. The Jets talk and talk when they are down double digits. For me, Jacobs is in the Jets category–loud mouth, arrogant player. He needs a new home and I wouldn’t hesitate to send him packing today!

Bottom line–the Giant defensive effort (especially in the first half) was putrid. It was horrible. I had to turn it off. Great job by the Saints to cement their¬†legitimacy¬†among NFC contenders. Bad job by the Giants for just about everything.

The Saints have a great passing attack, but the Giants will now have to worry about the league’s hottest QB coming to town (on a short week) with his Packer friends. Getting Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) back may not be enough to keep Rodgers on the sidelines!