Talk about lucky. Sometimes, you need a little luck in the NFL and the Jets had that luck on Sunday afternoon. The Jets are lucky that Stevie ‘Stylez’ Johnson is a¬†buffoon. The Jets are lucky that Dave Rayner can’t execute on-side kicks. The Jets are lucky Stylez missed not one, but two game winning TD catches in the fourth quarter. The 6-5 Jets are lucky and didn’t deserve to win this game.

I don’t care that Mark Sanchez threw four touchdown passes. I don’t care that Stevie ‘Stylez’ Johnson did the Plaxico Burress dance after his TD. I don’t even care that the Jets won the game. They were supposed to win this game and were supposed to win this one pretty handily. But they didn’t. In typical Jets fashion, the Jet defense (including Revis) was bewilderingly bad against a Bill team that mentally checked out three weeks ago. In particular, I can’t get over Stylez ‘styling’ Revis on his touchdown catch. I thought Revis looked kinda uninterested, but that’s the head coach’s fault if his players aren’t ready to go.

Would You Expect Anything Else?--Getty Images

Sanchez was ‘big’ late in the game, but the fans (including yours truly) was calling for his head in the first half. Sanchez completed only two passes and was routinely short-hopping his receivers. I was ready to see what 41-year-old Mark Brunell could do, but Sanchez saved himself in the third quarter.¬†

A fun stat: The Bills rushed four or fewer rushers on 79 percent of their plays. The Denver Broncos did it only 45 percent of the time last week. See the difference?

The Jets are still ninth place in the AFC and will now travel to Washington to take on the Skins. Winning in Washington is always tough, so we’ll see if Ryan can rally his team.