After their colossal, unbelievable, down-right stupid collapse, Boston Red Sox ownership has gutted those in charge of personnel decisions. Manager Terry Francona was let go after winning two World Series titles in 2004 and 2007. General manager, Theo Epstein, left Beantown for the Windy City to take over the Cubs. During his final days at Red Sox GM, Epstein was working on hiring Brewers hitting coach, Dave Sveum, as his manager. Apparently Sveum liked Epstein enough to follow him to Chicago to manage the Cubs. The Red Sox were left and still are empty-handed.

As we enter December, the Red Sox still do not have a manager. New GM, Ben Cherrington has been trying to find Francona’s successor. From the eyes of a Yankee fan, Boston could hire Joe Torre and it still wouldn’t make a difference. And here’s why:

Bobby V as the Next Boston Manager? Doesn't Matter.

The Red Sox are stuck. They are stuck with a team that was built by Epstein for Francona’s style of play. They are stuck with a pitching staff full of egotistical drunks that could care less about the team on their days off. They are stuck with a Carl Crawford that looked absolutely lost (.255, 11 HRs, 56 RBIs) for six more years. Say what you want about Jonathan Papelbon and his goofiness, but he was rock solid for a long time. Dan Bard, isn’t. Adding a new manager won’t magically make these problems disappear.

Any Red Sox fan who thinks Bobby Valentine will solve the Red Sox problems is even more lost. Let the media say whatever they want about Bobby V, but this quote by Cherrington about Valentine says it all: 

Well, he needs to grow up.

 That shows a lot of faith in Bobby V. Add in the fact that Cherrington is 36-years-old and that makes it even more comical.

Bottom line, Yankee fans feared Theo Epstein and Terry Francona. They had the rings, success, and more importantly, our respect. Epstein took ‘his people’ out of the Red Sox organization. Francona is taking his talents to either ESPN or MLB Network for the year. Papelbon took his ‘talents’ to Philly. This Red Sox team has a million question marks without a reputable person leading the way.

The Red Sox collapsed last season and someone had to ‘pay’ for it. Luckily for Yankee fans, the three most prominent people who watched the Red Sox season end (Epstein, Francona, and Papelbon) are working outside of Boston for good.

The Red Sox can hire any manager they want. It won’t fix their bullpen, clubhouse, or starting rotation. And that’s quite alright for the Yankees.