It’s no secret that Mark Sanchez hasn’t played well this season. During his last two games, Sanchez has thrown three interceptions to only one touchdown, completed only 55 percent of his passes, and taken eight sacks. It’s easy to blame the offensive line, the receivers, the offensive coordinator, but the onus falls on the quarterback’s shoulders and Mark needs to rally his team. Maybe his boisterous head coach started that process this week at practice..

Brunell Being Brunell--AP Photo

During the first two days of practice this week, Rex Ryan has given back-up quarterback Mark Brunell, first team snaps. Brunell, 41, has only appeared in three games over the last three seasons. Brunell looks so old on the sidelines and it’s clear he’s only there to serve as a mentor. Brunell can’t play, but Rex is using Brunell to motivate Sanchez. Rex did something similar last year to motivate Sanchez–and it worked. Could having an old man taking snaps at practice stop Sanchez’s Pick Sixs? I doubt it, but Rex wasn’t very coy with his comments this week—

“He probably knows what I’m doing. I know Mark Sanchez extremely well. … If it takes me to do this, and take a punch in the nose, I don’t care. I’ll take it. But we got to have it from him. He’s the guy. He’s my guy. And we have to have it from him.”

A few things about that quote:

1. I hope the head coach knows his quarterback extremely well.

2. I hope Sanchez bops Rex in the nose for being a Classless Clown.

3. Another thing about the Rex and his brother, Rob Ryan. The cameras (and reporters) always flock to these guys. During the Dallas game last week, Rob (who is the defensive coordinator) kept getting the cameras cutting to him! Even during offensive plays! Rob Ryan looks like Tarzan and I’d never hire him to be my new coach, but that’s a totally different story. Bottom line–the media loves the Ryans!

Bottom line–Rex will probably pat himself on the back (like he always does) when Sanchez comes out and shreds the reeling Buffalo Bills’ secondary. He will take all of the credit and start up again with his Super Bowl aspirations.

Rex is one of a kind, but no matter how bad Sanchez plays, Mark Brunell is not seeing the field this Sunday or this season.