There won’t be basketball this year and that’s a sad, sad fact.

After the NBA’s Player’s Association rejected the owners latest proposal, rumors began to swirl about anti-trust lawsuits, desertification of the Player’s Association, and a lost season. As we’ve seen time and time again, the legal system operates in a slow, concise manner and numerous anti-trust lawsuits against the NBA will not speed up the process. 

The two sides are apparently ‘miles apart’ on dividing basketball related income “BRI” and salary structure. 

As a fan of the NBA, I’m pretty disappointed. Some of the game’s best players (i.e. Kobe, Kevin Garnett) are starting to move closer to the end of their careers. Without a 2011-2012 season, we miss out on memories. We miss out on hating the Miami Heat and hoping that this is the year for the Knicks. We will miss great NBA action on Christmas Day and the Finals in June. 

The Players’s Association and owners apparently have a very, very small window before David Stern outright cancels the season. Things are about to get uglier from a legal standpoint, but the facts still remain–the fans hurt the most.