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577. Digest that for a second.

577=yards of total offense recorded by the Saints tonight. Those 577 yards netted out to 49 points scored. Yardage-wise, this was the second worst defensive effort in Giant football history. The Giants simply had no answer for Drew Brees.

This season, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have been putting on clinics, week after week. Tonight was Brees’s stage as he delivered a historic performance. Brees to Moore. Brees to Graham. Brees keeps it himself. Brees was damn near unstoppable (5 total TDs) as the Giants failed to register a sack or create any sort of pressure. This Giant defense is an absolute disgrace right now and they better find the answers and find them in a hurry.

For as bad as the defense was, Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit. Eli started the second half off by completing 16 straight passes. Eli’s 407 yards were more than Brees, but he wasn’t as efficient as Brees was. Eli did his best to keep the Saints off the line of scrimmage to open up the running game. Brandon Jacobs played a little bit better (46 yards, 1 TD), but was jawing and trash talking to the Saints all game long. Brandon, no one wants to hear the mouth any longer. The Jets talk and talk when they are down double digits. For me, Jacobs is in the Jets category–loud mouth, arrogant player. He needs a new home and I wouldn’t hesitate to send him packing today!

Bottom line–the Giant defensive effort (especially in the first half) was putrid. It was horrible. I had to turn it off. Great job by the Saints to cement their legitimacy among NFC contenders. Bad job by the Giants for just about everything.

The Saints have a great passing attack, but the Giants will now have to worry about the league’s hottest QB coming to town (on a short week) with his Packer friends. Getting Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) back may not be enough to keep Rodgers on the sidelines!

Talk about lucky. Sometimes, you need a little luck in the NFL and the Jets had that luck on Sunday afternoon. The Jets are lucky that Stevie ‘Stylez’ Johnson is a buffoon. The Jets are lucky that Dave Rayner can’t execute on-side kicks. The Jets are lucky Stylez missed not one, but two game winning TD catches in the fourth quarter. The 6-5 Jets are lucky and didn’t deserve to win this game.

I don’t care that Mark Sanchez threw four touchdown passes. I don’t care that Stevie ‘Stylez’ Johnson did the Plaxico Burress dance after his TD. I don’t even care that the Jets won the game. They were supposed to win this game and were supposed to win this one pretty handily. But they didn’t. In typical Jets fashion, the Jet defense (including Revis) was bewilderingly bad against a Bill team that mentally checked out three weeks ago. In particular, I can’t get over Stylez ‘styling’ Revis on his touchdown catch. I thought Revis looked kinda uninterested, but that’s the head coach’s fault if his players aren’t ready to go.

Would You Expect Anything Else?--Getty Images

Sanchez was ‘big’ late in the game, but the fans (including yours truly) was calling for his head in the first half. Sanchez completed only two passes and was routinely short-hopping his receivers. I was ready to see what 41-year-old Mark Brunell could do, but Sanchez saved himself in the third quarter. 

A fun stat: The Bills rushed four or fewer rushers on 79 percent of their plays. The Denver Broncos did it only 45 percent of the time last week. See the difference?

The Jets are still ninth place in the AFC and will now travel to Washington to take on the Skins. Winning in Washington is always tough, so we’ll see if Ryan can rally his team.

After their colossal, unbelievable, down-right stupid collapse, Boston Red Sox ownership has gutted those in charge of personnel decisions. Manager Terry Francona was let go after winning two World Series titles in 2004 and 2007. General manager, Theo Epstein, left Beantown for the Windy City to take over the Cubs. During his final days at Red Sox GM, Epstein was working on hiring Brewers hitting coach, Dave Sveum, as his manager. Apparently Sveum liked Epstein enough to follow him to Chicago to manage the Cubs. The Red Sox were left and still are empty-handed.

As we enter December, the Red Sox still do not have a manager. New GM, Ben Cherrington has been trying to find Francona’s successor. From the eyes of a Yankee fan, Boston could hire Joe Torre and it still wouldn’t make a difference. And here’s why:

Bobby V as the Next Boston Manager? Doesn't Matter.

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Freddy Garcia and the Yankees agreed to a one-year, $5 million deal this week. Garcia was extremely consistent for the Bombers last year, posting a 12-8 record with a 3.62 ERA in 25 starts. The Yankees invited Garcia to Spring Training solely as a non-tenured players last year. Garcia made approximately $4 million through incentives last season and wanted to return to the Bronx. Garcia drew strong interest from Boston, but ultimately came back to New York.

In a smaller move, the Yankees inked utility man, Jayson Nix to a minor league contract. In the spring, the 29-year-old Nix will compete for a utility role. Nix posted a very unimpressive .169/.245/.309 line last season in 46 games for the Blue Jays, but Nix has smacked double digit home runs in three of the last five years. Presumably, Nix will compete with Ramiro Pena, Eduardo Nunez, and possibly Eric Chavez (if re-signed) for playing time. Like Garcia last season, Nix’s roster spot is not guaranteed, but you can bet the Yankees see something in the righty.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Last week, I went 1-1-1 with my picks. This week, I have two Thanksgiving Day picks as well as one pick on Sunday. This week’s picks revolve around these three games:

  • Green Bay (10-0) at Detroit (7-3)
  • San Francisco (9-1) at Baltimore (7-3)
  • Buffalo (5-5) at New York Jets (5-5)

Is Kevin Smith Ready to Ruin The Perfect Season?

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It’s no secret that Mark Sanchez hasn’t played well this season. During his last two games, Sanchez has thrown three interceptions to only one touchdown, completed only 55 percent of his passes, and taken eight sacks. It’s easy to blame the offensive line, the receivers, the offensive coordinator, but the onus falls on the quarterback’s shoulders and Mark needs to rally his team. Maybe his boisterous head coach started that process this week at practice..

Brunell Being Brunell--AP Photo

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The Giants took care of business in Philly earlier in the season. The Eagles made sure they didn’t let the Giants sweep the season series with a 17-10 win. The Philly front seven played absolutely stifling run defense, holding the Giants to only 29 yards on the ground. The Eagle pass rush kept Eli Manning off balance all-night, as Manning posted his worst completion percentage (18 of 35) to date.

Playing without Michael Vick, most Giant fans were ready to put this one in the books and move forward. However, the resurgent Vince Young capped another winning drive ending with a score to Riley Cooper. The Eagles played without Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson for a half, so Young was throwing to players has he worked extensively with at practice. Young did throw three interceptions, one to rookie, Prince Amukamara, who made his professional debut. But the Giant offense just really couldn’t get anything good.

Victor Cruz had his fourth straight game with at least 84 yards as he went for 128 and a score. Cruz kept slipping behind the vastly over-rated, Nnamdi Asoughma for big gains.

With the loss and Dallas win, the Giants (6-4) lost their grip on the NFC East lead and currently sit outside the NFC East playoffs. The Giants still play Dallas twice, but things are going to get much tough when the team heads to New Orleans to play the Saints on Monday night. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

This week was supposed to be a ‘status quo’ week for college football. However, four of the BCS’s top seven teams all suffered losses, creating a myriad of possibilities for the championship game. #2 Oklahoma State started the domino effect on Friday night by losing at Iowa State. #7 Clemson was the next to fall, getting smacked by 27 points. Both #4 Oregon and #5 Oklahoma were put away late, ending their BCS Championship hopes. Where does this leave us? #1 LSU, #3 Alabama, #6 Arkansas, and #8 Virginia Tech were all victorious on Saturday. Welcome to BCS hell, folks.

LSU (and their cheerleaders) took care of business in Week 12.

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The Classless Jets went down on Thursday night, which was fun and entertaining for me and embarrassing for Rex and Co. This week, I offer three picks for Week 11. I want to pick the Packers (-14), but they are blowing everyone out recently and that’s just not fun. This week’s picks center around these three games:

  • Tennesee at Atlanta
  • San Diego at Chicago
  • Arizona at San Francisco

    Cash In Time For The Burner?--AP Photo

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Sometimes, you just can’t explain sports. Thursday night’s game was one that you just can’t put into words.

After watching Tim Tebow short-hop passes to receivers and stalling on third down all night, he led the Broncos on a 95-yard, game winning drive to top the Jets, 17-14. The 95-yard drive had everything you could ever want. A near safety by the Jets on the first play. Tebow running and picking up first downs. Revis whiffing on tackles. And a storybook ending for a quarterback who continues to be doubted by most pundits. In the NFL, winning games is the only thing that matters and Tim Tebow has won four of his five starts this season. While most quarterbacks in the NFL have a better passing skill set, Tebow has the ‘It’ factor. Tebow, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees all have ‘it’. Hell, you can even argue that Eli has ‘it’. But make no mistake about it, Tebow is a special, special player who will continue to be doubted. While he’ll never admit it, the doubt just makes his fire grow. Don’t ever doubt him..

One player who is being doubted week after week is Mark Sanchez. Sanchez had his second straight horrible game where he threw an interception-returned-for-a-touchdown. Sanchez missed a wide open Dustin Keller in the end zone in the first half and looked absolutely lost after the game. In his post-game presser, Sanchez looked a complete ghost and no longer the kid that was posing for GQ. Sanchez was expected to make the next step in his maturation process this season, but he has taken five steps backwards. He has to pick it up if the Jets are going to go anywhere.

Elsewhere, Shonn Greene hurt his ribs in the first half and didn’t return. Rex spoke in the post-game presser and didn’t really give a whole lot of information. Just same old Rex garbage. 

As of right now, the Jets are 5-5 and sit in eighth in the AFC. They are on the outside looking in as the season starts to wind down. 

It was good to see Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight fill in and run hard. They’re big time players down the stretch.

What’s Next?: 11/27 vs. BUF