Shame on me. 

Alike most Yankee fans, I sat around and pouted after the Tigers eliminated the Bombers in the ALDS. I blamed everyone affiliated with the Yankee organization for the loss. I even blamed myself for not being a better Yankee fan. My fanboy-ism over-rode my love and passion for baseball. Luckily, I snapped out of it just in time to catch the LCSs and World Series games. After last night, all I can say is–I’m a believer in the St. Louis Cardinals and David Freese. I’m a believer that baseball is the best game in the world. I’m a believer that this 30-day stretch of baseball is as good as it gets. 

Mr. Freese Sends It To Game 7--AP Photo

The baseball fun started on September 28th. The Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves each completed monumental collapses, the Tampa Bay Rays dramatically clinched a playoff berth, and those pesky St. Louis Cardinals quietly snuck into the playoffs. The odds-on favorites to win it all (Phillies, Yankees) were eliminated in the first round. The fairytale for the Rays ended prematurely. Mike Napoli, Nelson Cruz, and David Freese have all become house hold names. Bullpen have struggled (looking at you Neftali), homer runs have been dramatic (looking at you Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Freese), and the baseball has been awesome.

The magical ride comes to a close tomorrow night in St. Louis. At this point, there’s no reason to think the Rangers will take Game 7. They were within one strike (TWICE) of winning their first World Series and couldn’t get it done. Alike the rest of the Texas rotation, Game 7 starter Matt Harrison isn’t anything special. The Cardinals are riding the wave of emotion and have the hometown support. They HAVE TO win Game 7. A Game 7 win virtually guarantees Albert stays. A Game 7 win stamps Tony LaRussa’s Hall of Fame career. A Game 7 win makes Nolan Ryan look like a baffoon. I like the Cards in Game 7. I like them, a lot. I like this stretch of baseball even better.

Enjoy Game 7 tonight because all physical baseball related activities will be put on hold until February.