It didn’t take Rex Ryan very long to open his mouth following his team’s 27-21 victory over the Chargers. First Ryan pulled an ‘Anchorman’ by saying…‘Stay Classy, San Diego’. Rex never takes his wins in strides and always acts as if he’s never won a game before. Typical Classless Rex, but this was only the tip of the iceberg..

More Classless Rex--AP Photo

If the Anchorman quote wasn’t enough, Ryan guaranteed that his team would beat the Bills after their Week 8 bye. Under Ryan, the Jets are 0-2 after their bye week, but the boisterous head coach saw nothing wrong with firing his team up. The Jets were shutout by the Green Bay Packers, 9-0 following their bye last season and could barely muster any offense.

With the AFC Wildcard picture looking extremely cloudy, the Jets need to beat the Bills. Talking two weeks in advance doesn’t help the Jets beat the Bills. Ryan isn’t doing himself or his team any favors by motivating a Bills team that was embarrassed by the Jets at home last year, 38-14. This Buffalo team is playing with renewed confidence and finally has an identity on both sides of the ball.

Rex is and always will be Rex. As long as he’s calling the shots, the Jets are going to live and die with his outbursts and antics. So far, Ryan is 0 for 2 in delivering his Super Bowl promise and this year’s team doesn’t have a Super Bowl feel.

Word to wise, Rex–Put the proverbial foot in your mouth before you look even more dumb.