I never liked Plaxico Burress. I never liked his antics, demeanor, or his style of play. However, Jet fans loved Plax today as he hauled in one two three touchdown passes in the Jets 27-21 win against the San Diego Chargers. The Jets were in a ‘must-win’ situation and took care of their business. They are now 4-0 at home this season.

Plax--Reuters Photos

The San Diego Chargers could easily be a 6-0 football team right now. If we go all the way back to Week 2 against New England, the Chargers lost four fumbles which led to 21 New England points. Today, two Phil Rivers interceptions led to 10 Jet points. Turnovers are so costly and the Chargers have seen the importance of ball control magnified in their losses. 

Back to the Jets–they did some good things today. Shonn Greene ran for over a hundred yards and is finally running down with some reckless abandon. Kyle Wilson and Darrelle Revis had key interceptions of Rivers. Wilson’s INT was the first of career while Revis had his third in his last two games. I know that the Revis interception came on a tipped ball, but I just find it silly that teams are still throwing in Revis’s direction. Just stop doing it and pick on Cromartie. 

Antonio Gates came back for the Chargers today and he continue to expose the Jets vulnerability to the tight end. Gates had five catches for 54 yards and a TD. The soft belly of the Jets defense continues to be a major weakness and teams with great tight ends will expose it. 

Other than Burress and Greene, no one else really had a big day on offense. Sanchez doesn’t impress me and LT2 clearly doesn’t have anything left in the tank. Santonio Holmes was pretty quiet today too, which was nice for a change.

Bottom line, I hate the Jets, but they won this week. They needed to have this game and they got it. Plus, their win keeps them relevant. 

The Jets will have a bye in Week 8 before heading upstate to Buffalo for a huge Week 9 match-up.